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Published Jun 22, 2015

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Social Security Timing Fillable Client Brochure

Use this customizable, client-facing brochure to intrigue prospective clients about this important service that you offer.

Pre-retiree client presentation

Our pre-retiree client presentation helps you reach the baby boomer market and explains simple options that may be available to them. This presentation addresses pre-retirees’ concerns.

Social Security Timing single/widow(er)/divorced intake form

Use this form to gather the information you'll need from your single, widow(er), or divorced clients to run a report in the Social Security Timing software.

Social Security Timing married intake form

Our married intake form has the information you'll need to gather from your clients to run reports in the Social Security Timing software.

Social Security Timing Starter Guide

Get started with Social Security Timing by using our Starter Guide. This four-step guide will help you find the right clients for Social Security planning.


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